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When you choose to purchase your vehicle at Car Concepts, you become a part of something bigger. Car Concepts is a proud contributor to local and global organizations that are making a difference in the lives of young people.
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Front Porch MinistriesGlobal One Foundation
Front Porch Ministries
Impact begins with relationship. That’s where it starts. Through living in the neighborhood, we seek to make a long-term impact on the lives of kids and single mothers. In 2004, Thom and Michele Hazelip bought a home in inner-city Nashville only a few blocks from the projects. In a short amount of time, they opened their home and front porch to the at-risk kids and moms in the neighborhood. Today, Front Porch Ministry is about living in relationship with the underserved community they reside in.
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Global One Foundation
Car Concepts is proud to work with Global One Foundation, whose mission is to bring to the world what a Global Consciousness seeks. To co-create with communities to foster hope, well-being, economic opportunity for education and human potential. We care about the crucial need in international aid work and NGO’s for an integral approach to sustainable change. Through both inner and outer efforts, more depth and span allow more sustainable changes to be made.
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